Specialized Training

EducAviation offers many specialized training courses as described below. We are also open to developing more specialized training programs more suitable to your needs. Please contact our Chief Flight Instructor if you require training that is not listed here; we may be able to develop a customized program for you.

Quick Start

The Quick Start is a very intensive 90-day flight training schedule that allows a person to earn their Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor certificates, both with "Airplane, Single Engine, Land" and "Instrument, Airplane" ratings. This course fast-paced, reading intensive, and requires a tremendous academic commitment to complete successfully. After successful completion of the Quick Start, a pilot can easily add the Sea and Multiengine ratings to their existing certificates, usually within 3-7 days per added rating.

Students can expect up to eight flight hours a day, six days a week, durnig this course. As a result, students may wish to begin their reading prior to registering for this course. The following references are all required reading for the Quick Start:

  • Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
  • Airplane Flying Handbook
  • Aeronautical Information Manual
  • Federal Aviation Regulations
  • Instrument Flying Handbook
  • Instrument Proceedures Handbook
  • Aviation Instructor’s Handbook


The Pinch Hitter Course is designed for people who do not wish to earn an FAA Certificate but would still like some flying experience that may enable them to land an airplane in the rare event that the pilot becomes incapacitated. Frequent passengers of commercial and private aircraft may find a piece of mind in knowing what to do if such a mishap were to occur.

This course focuses on elementary aerodynamics, basic airplane control and stability, simple communications, and basic navigation. While a graduate of this course will not be certified by the FAA to fly an airplane, graduates can expect to gain invaluable knowledge, experience, and confidence with flying airplanes These lessons may be useful for saving a flight from a catastrophie. Also, people who wish to overcome their fear of flying will benefit from the Pinch Hitter Course.

The Pinch Hitter Course is informal since an FAA rating will not be earned upon successful completion of the course; however, knowledge and experience gained in this course can be used to satisfy most of the requirements for earning an FAA Student Pilot Certificate. A Pinch Hitter Student can expect to receive ground lessons and flight training on the following topics:

  1. Introduction to Airplanes, Flight Instruments, Controls, & Local Area
  2. Basic Flight Operations & Aerodynamics: Airspeed vs. Altitude Control, Turns
  3. Basic Ground Operations; Airport Markings, Signs, and Visual Aids; Taxi and Take-off
  4. Intermediate Aerodynamics: Slow Flight & Stalls (Power ON & OFF) w/ Recovery
  5. Advanced Aerodynamics: Airplane Performance, Steep Turns, and Forward Slips
  6. Ground Reference Maneuvers: S-turns, Turns Around A Point, and Rectangular Patterns
  7. Landings I: Rectangular Traffic Patterns & Basic Airport Operations
  8. Landings II: Stablized Approaches & Go-arounds
  9. Landings III: Roundout & Flare
  10. Landings IV: Crosswind Corrections
  11. Landings V: Hazard Avoidance
  12. Local Airport Communications
  13. Emergency Procedures
  14. Aeromedical Factors: Flight Physiology, ADM, CRM


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